Child Rights Observatory Madhya Pradesh

The Child Rights Observatory Madhya Pradesh (CROMP), the first of its kind in Asia is not only a concept but a concern for the children and their rights by promoting, monitoring, analyzing and evaluating the situation of children. The Child Rights Observatory as an independent platform seeks to ensure children their rights by removing bottlenecks that prevent children from exercising their rights, the CROMP will bring to the knowledge of the State Government vital issues of denial of rights to children in deprivation, discrimination and violence or neglect, for policy making and action. The CROMP seeks to bring children, voluntary sector and the government closer to a common understanding and in taking innovative steps for resolving child rights issues. CROMP has been supported by UNICEF MP.

Focus of CROMP India Observatory

  • Providing an autonomous independent Platform for consultation/dialogue with civil society groups.
  • Networking with NGOs to take up child rights issues.
  • Reaching out to children especially girl children to voice their concerns on Child Rights.
  • Strengthening of voluntary sector and civil society actor for evidence based advocacy of Child Rights and services for children to address concerns of violence, deprivation and discrimination.
  • Creating a Database of information on institutions, civil society groups, individuals, experts, researchers, interested/ engaged with child Rights issues.
  • Promoting participation of civil society groups and children in developing norms and standers of child centered services and their monitoring.
  • Lobbying with government for enhancing outreach and benefits of child rights programmes.

Scope of Activities

1. Policy Development

  • Review of laws and policies, dialogue, participations in joint forums.
  • Support government departments in policy and strategy development based on Status of Children Report.
  • Promote coordination between government and NGO.

2. Develop Data Base and Research on Children and youth

  • Serve as a think tank on issues of children.
  • Establish a State Resource Centre on Child Rights.
  • Encourage colleges and universities for research on Child Rights issue.
  • A study completed on ‘Aggression and Violence in school children: the Indian context.
  • Studies initiated on Institutions for children under the Juvenile Justice Act, and on street children.
  • Directory of NGOs working for Child Rights.

3. Advocacy, Awareness raising and participation of children

  • Support debate and lobbying for children’s interests involving Stakeholder.
  • Create spaces for partnership with young people to voice their feelings e.g. child reporters, child rights clubs.
  • Establish links with networks of India for concerns of children in MP.

4. Child Rights Monitoring

  • Develop norms and standards for basic services for children.
  • Monitor selected schemes related to Child Rights.
  • Overall monitoring of CRC implementation in Madhya Pradesh.
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